Unikey’s Kevo Smart Lock Uses Bluetooth 4.0 To Let You Unlock Your Door By Touching It


NFC-powered door locks are already a thing, allowing owners of compatible smartphones (or NFC rings) to get into their houses with a tap of their gadgets. But NFC is not the only transfer tech capable of powering a smart lock (plus, if you have to dig your NFC phone out of your bag, that’s not necessarily much quicker than using a traditional key). Well, Unikey has come up with a smart lock system that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to turn compatible smartphones into proximity-sensitive keys.

Their version of the smart lock — called Kevo — doesn’t require the phone to be tapped to the lock. Rather the phone-owner only needs to touch the lock with their finger to gain entry. The crowdfunded Lockitron smart lock also uses Bluetooth 4.0 — but that device is also continually connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, allowing owners to lock or unlock their doors…

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