Wearable tech VCs pan Google Glass


Venture capitalists have been funding all kinds of wearable devices – from activity-tracking wristbands to brain-sensing headbands to armbands that let people control computers with gestures. But at the Wearable Tech Expo in New York on Wednesday, a panel of VCs all said that, given the option, they wouldn’t back Google Glass.

John Frankel, a partner at ff Venture Capital, said Google Glass is an interesting experiment and that it could be very helpful to doctors. But as a consumer product, he said he’s not convinced it’s going to be a hit.

“It’s too big a change of behavior. It’s technology that sits between you and other people… it feels to me that it’s too impersonal,” he said. “It feels more like the Segway than anything else, which is, ‘hey, this looks great on paper but I probably wouldn’t have one in the garage.’”

Intel Capital’s Tammi Smorynski was…

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