Privacy-centric search engine Blippex launches with a new twist on ranking


A few months ago, anyone launching a new search engine would have been reasonably advised to have their head checked. Of course, that all changed with the PRISM scandal and the uncertain level of involvement by web giants such as Google(s goog) and Microsoft(s msft). So far, private browser DuckDuckGo has been the most visible beneficiary of this shaken-up search landscape, but these are early days yet.

Hence the decision of the team behind Archify to launch a new crowdsourced public search engine called Blippex. It’s not a pivot – Archify, a personal search engine that archives the users’ browsing, is still going – but rather an experimental repurposing of some of Archify’s core technology. For example, Blippex’s ranking is largely based on the same DwellRank technology, used to order results by time spent on pages and the level of user interaction, that underpins Archify.

“It was always our…

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