Astronaut Marc Garneau Says We Need Risk-Ready Deep Pockets To Fund Space Innovation


Space: The final frontier for startups. Or if not final, at least a huge one that’s ripe for exploration. Canadian astronaut and politician Marc Garneau took the stage at Startup Festival to talk about innovation, Canada, space and startups. Canada has been at the forefront of some key innovations in the space industry, but we need to do more, Garneau says, and we need to find people with deep pockets who aren’t afraid of risk to make that happen.

Garneau gave credit to the few brave individuals who are funnelling money into space innovation without necessarily seeing the possibility of immediate reward. Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are all examples of people helping push this market forward, Garneau said, but they don’t have Canadian equivalents, and there aren’t enough people contributing to these efforts around the world in general.

“In some cases that money is going to pay off, but you have…

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