The OnBeat Solar Headphones Want To Charge Your Phone While You Listen To Music


Solar panels need plenty of sun to work well so why not carry them around on your head? That’s the slightly off-the-wall thinking behind this U.K.-based Kickstarter campaign aiming to produce a pair of solar headphones.

The OnBeat headphones have a flexible solar panel embedded around the band where it’ll be exposed to ample rays — assuming you’re wearing the headphones outdoors. The panel then charges a pair of lightweight lithium ion batteries located inside the ear cups, and there’s a USB port on one of the cups for outputting charge to the smartphone or tablet you want to keep topped up on the go.

Exactly how much charge you’re going to get from such a small panel is unclear — especially considering the entire panel is not going to be in full sun at once, being as it’s curved around your head. OnBeat’s creators say the solar cell has a surface area…

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